Why a puzzle?

In Western countries, about 45% of the population over 15 are puzzlers. Having a puzzle on your site can therefore be a magnet for keeping existing visitors and attracting new ones. It can also be an effective marketing instrument.

The above is only true, however, if the puzzle is tuned to the target group. We at PZZL.com know from experience and marketing research exactly which population group prefers a certain type of puzzle, and what level of difficulty and size the puzzle should be. We'll give you free advice on this. Naturally, your opinion is decisive.

Considering the fact that solving a puzzle will probably keep someone busy for at least 5 or 10 minutes, it should be relatively easy to find sponsors for the puzzle page. Also, you or your sponsor can choose a fitting theme for the puzzle and, if so desired, have it linked to the sponsor's website. Even more effective is putting up a prize that can be won for solving a puzzle correctly.

PZZL.com can take care of all of this for you.


If you have a new puzzle on your site every week, those visitors who are puzzle enthusiasts— some 45% — will each week have a reason to return to your site.

A prize puzzle is an extremely effective and inexpensive marketing instrument. It also enables you to obtain information from your site visitors. While questionnaires are generally disregarded, most people will answer questions (such as, "What do you like best about this site?") that are included in an entry form of a prize puzzle. This tells you a lot about your visitors.