All puzzles are programmed in Java and work flawlessly with both old and new browsers. Our puzzles can also be played by puzzlers behind a firewall.

Just add one line of html to your webpage, and the page picks the puzzle from our webserver. Your visitors will not know the difference.

This has the advantage that we can replace the puzzle with a new one or quickly solve any problems that may occur. You do not need to do anything. That is very handy with a weekly puzzle, and even necessary with a daily puzzle. It is also necessary when you want a highscore or a database connected to the puzzle.



Most of our puzzles are less than 25 KB in size. That's about the same size as a small image! Added to this may come some graphics, but only if you want to.

Our programs first download only the files needed to get you started. Once you start solving, they download the rest behind the scenes. In this way you do not need to wait longer than necessary.

We test everything thoroughly on different computer systems and with all major browsers.