The rates for standard puzzles vary from $50 to $350 apiece. The same can apply to custom-made puzzles, provided enough puzzles are ordered together.

Even the cheapest standard puzzle is made especially for you; it will be made so that its colors fit in well with the design of your website. Usually, PZZL.com will immediately give you an exact rate by telephone or e-mail. Please contact Peter Ritmeester. Telephone: +31 20 888 4545. E-mail: ritmeester@pzzl.com

Specific rates very much depend on the type of puzzle you wish, to what extent functionality and design have to be adjusted to your website, the amount ordered and length of contract. There is a surcharge for an additional highscore mode and connection to a database for storing personal particulars or entries. Also, PZZL.com will then charge a monthly surcharge for hosting and maintaining the database as long as the puzzle is online.

After receiving sufficient information, PZZL.com will send an offer without obligations, after which you can decide whether or not to continue. If you are uncertain what the best puzzle is for your site and target group, PZZL.com will be happy to advise you without any obligations. Please phone or mail Peter Ritmeester at: +31 20 888 4545 or ritmeester@pzzl.com.

In standard puzzles the following is included:

  • New puzzle. As easy or difficult as you desire. Fully focused on your target group. Crosswords and other word puzzles can have a certain theme or be directed at a product.
  • Help with installation and maintenance. If necessary we will assist and give free advice on implementing the software. PZZL.com can also design the pages and advise on positioning within the website.
  • Free advice on the best puzzles for your site and target group. PZZL.com can also advise on setting up special actions. We are widely experienced with large prize festivals.

Custom-made work gives you extra:

  • Design as you like it. Colors and size will match the layout of your website. We make the entire interface according to your wishes.
  • Functionality as you like it. For example, we add extra sound, images, extra options or features. Or we develop entirely new types of puzzles. The extra costs for this may drop to zero if you order several puzzles at once, for instance during a year, a new puzzle every week.

Delivery time for standard puzzles is two weeks when you mail us the puzzle as text file. It will be four weeks if you want us to make the puzzles ourselves. There can be exceptions: Chinese for instance will be a problem!

Delivery time for custom-made puzzles is two weeks longer. Quicker will be possible. If necessary, we will work at night and during weekends, but that will cost you more.

After going online, some things may look or work differently than planned. If so, we will make small adjustments for free.

Once-only custom work will be billed by the hour. Games for instance, or complicated adjustments.
PZZL.com hosts the puzzles only. This means that you still host your webpage, but that the puzzle itself is picked like a banner from our server. Your visitors will not notice this. But it will give us the opportunity to automate the renewal of the puzzles. You will not need to do anything more. Usually we charge no costs for data travel.