About PZZL.com

PZZL.com designs and programs all kinds of puzzles for your website, magazine or newspaper, ranging from crossword puzzle to maze. The puzzles are completely interactive and tailored to your target group and layout. CEO is Peter Ritmeester, who in October 2011, after being in office for 12 years, retired as General Secretary of the World Puzzle Federation.

PZZL.com can design and program any type of puzzle within two to four weeks, whether for the Internet, intranet or CD-ROM. If so desired, a corresponding database for online entries of solutions and personal data can be included. We can also e-mail an Illustrator file for paper versions.

PZZL.com's products are published on websites of major newspapers around the world, including The New York Times.

PZZL.com is located in Amsterdam Science Park. It's the only IT company that focuses entirely on puzzles, and in which professional puzzle designers and programmers work closely together. This complete self-reliance makes us highly flexible. Any adaptations you may desire can be implemented immediately, often within a day.



PZZL.com started to build custom-made interactive puzzles for large websites in 2000, which makes us the first Dutch company to do so. Before that, our puzzle designers worked as puzzle editors, making or editing puzzles for some of Holland's largest general-interest magazines.