Standard puzzles

Following are short descriptions and playable examples of types of puzzles we can offer as standard and therefore low-priced. Language will not be a problem. We can implement any text or grid you mail us. We can produce the puzzles both for print and websites.

Our standard puzzles are specially designed for your goal and target audience. We take into account the colors of your website. Click below on a type of puzzle and you will be linked to a playable example with specific information.

One of the most popular types of puzzles. Works better than its equivalent on paper.
Crossword puzzle

Interactive crossword puzzle, including many extras.

The well-known Hangman, now interactive and attractively designed.
Jigsaw puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle with a timing feature and highscore.
Twelve thematic questions connected through a grid.
Sliding puzzle
Sliding blocks, now with a move counter. Who can solve it in the fewest steps?
Walk your clown through the maze. Perfect for children. Additional features can make it intriguing for adults too.
Letters are replaced by numbers. Can you crack the code?
Clues in squares
A type of crossword puzzle with the clues written in the grid itself. Very popular on paper and well-suited for children.
Drag the words given into the grid. There is only one solution, of course.

Our puzzles can also be printed on paper. We can mail them to you in any file format. Text in Word, grid in Illustrator, for instance.

For over 15 years, we have provided many highly frequented websites with puzzles. So we know what works, and what does not.

Our puzzles can be played with all major browsers, both old and new.
  Quick downloading  

Most types can be made to download very quickly (less than 25 KB!) or refined and still quick to download (less than 45 KB).
  No special demands  

The puzzles can be played on simple, older computers too and can be solved offline.

The types of puzzles shown here are only a selection of our products. If you have a favorite type of puzzle not listed here, please call or mail us. Chances are we've already programmed it and have it waiting for you to ask for.