PZZL.com makes products of all kinds. Language will not be a problem. We can implement any text or puzzle you send us. A standard puzzle with your logo is inexpensive, yet exclusive. The puzzle itself will be specially made for your company and target audience, and you pick the theme of the puzzle.

Custom-made puzzles are also possible, and often are as inexpensive as standard puzzles, depending on how many you order. All our puzzles can be made for websites, cd-roms, magazines or newspapers.

Standard puzzles
This page offers a selection of the types of puzzles PZZL.com can manufacture quickly and inexpensively. A playable demo of each type is included.
Custom-made puzzles
These examples clarify what we mean by custom-made. We implement your or our idea, use the same design your website has, and implement any functionality or form you desire.
Over the past 15 years, employees of PZZL.com have been frequently hired by Jumbo, Holland's biggest toy manufacturer, for product development. Describe to us your goal and target audience, and we will think of an elegant, simple game.

PZZL.com does a lot more than just make puzzles. We can take care of all the rest, such as: making webpages, helpdesk, database for highscores or personal data, develop concepts et cetera. See also Method.

Each product has its own unique requirements. It needs to be specially tailored to suit the medium (website, cd-rom, paper). PZZL.com has all crafts in-house and therefore doesn't need to make any concessions that would force the product into a pre-designed mold. Programming, design and puzzle will all be of top quality and perfectly suited to the product.