Our primary purpose is to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. Therefore, we keep you informed during all phases of production. You will have many opportunities to comment on our work during development.

PZZL.com discusses with you what type of puzzle best suits your needs and website, and will help you decide several questions: What type of puzzle, how difficult, how often a new puzzle, prize puzzle or not, do you want a highscore, do you want puzzlers to fill in their names and addresses, et cetera.

Of course it all depends on your budget. If you indicate your budget is no more than $250 a month, we will tell you what you can get for that money. After that, you can still say no.

After you accept our offer, we will decide together on the design of the puzzle(s). Is adjusting to the colors of your website enough, or do you want it entirely different, or according to a design made by your own designer?

Of course, it can go more quickly than that. Did you like something on this website? If the design of it is fine, just say so, and one week later you'll have a puzzle on your website!

After finishing your puzzle, PZZL.com will help your webmaster put it online. This is less than five minutes of work; he or she only needs to put one line of code on his page. As your page loads the puzzle from our server, we can update the puzzles as often as you like. We can automate everything. Usually we don't charge anything for data travel.



Delivery time for standard puzzles is two weeks when you mail us the puzzle as text file. It will be four weeks if you want us to make the puzzles ourselves. There can be exceptions: Chinese, for instance, will be a problem!

Delivery time for custom-made puzzles is 4 weeks. Quicker will be possible. If necessary, we will work at night and during weekends, but that will cost you more.

As PZZL.com has both programmers and puzzle makers in-house, you can, if you want, discuss matters directly with whomever it concerns. That is also why we can easily implement the adjustments you ask for, often on the same day. Our employees speak fluent Dutch, English and German.